Honda S3 Semi Sutli

Diameter 4-8 mm
Material PP (Polypropylene)
Color Blue
Length 5 m
Filament Type Monofilament
Twine Type Braided
Strand Structure 1 Ply
Raw Material Virgin Plastic
Usage/ Application Agricultural Industry

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“Honda S3 Semi Sutli” appears to be a specific type or variant of plastic twine manufactured or distributed by Honda, a well-known brand. “S3 Semi Sutli” likely refers to the specific characteristics or specifications of this type of twine.

Here’s a breakdown of the terms:

  1. Honda: This refers to the brand name, which is widely recognized for its automobiles, motorcycles, and other products. However, in this context, Honda may also produce or distribute other products, including plastic sutli.
  2. S3: The term “S3” likely indicates a specific grade or type of the twine. This could refer to its diameter, strength, or other properties. Without detailed specifications from the manufacturer, it’s challenging to determine the exact meaning of “S3.”
  3. Semi Sutli: “Semi Sutli” suggests that this twine falls somewhere between being a full twine and something less substantial, like thread or string. It may imply a medium thickness or strength compared to other types of sutli.

Given this information, “Honda S3 Semi Sutli” is likely a type of plastic twine manufactured or sold by Honda with specific characteristics tailored to certain applications. It could be used for purposes such as packaging, bundling, gardening, or crafting, depending on its properties and strength. If you require more detailed information about this specific product, reaching out to Honda or a distributor of their products would be advisable.

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