Green Sunmica Sutli

Diameter 4-8 mm
Material PP (Polypropylene)
Color Green
Length 5 m
Filament Type Monofilament
Twine Type Braided
Strand Structure 1 Ply
Raw Material Virgin Plastic
Packaging Type Roll
Usage/ Application Agricultural Industry

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“Sunmica sutli” is a term commonly used in India to refer to plastic twine or rope, typically made from polypropylene or a similar plastic material. It’s often used for various purposes including packaging, bundling, crafting, and more. “Sunmica” refers to a brand of laminated sheet material used for surfacing furniture and other surfaces, while “sutli” translates to twine or rope.

Green sunmica sutli specifically indicates that the twine is green in color. This color variation may be preferred for specific applications or environments where green blends well or is aesthetically pleasing. Green plastic twine can be used for similar purposes as other colors, such as bundling items together, securing packages, supporting plants in gardening, or for decorative crafting projects.

Overall, green sunmica sutli provides the same strength, durability, and versatility as other types of plastic twine, with the added benefit of its green color for specific aesthetic or functional purposes.

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